RVC Readathon 2024

RVC's sixth annual Readathon is a school-wide event that encourages reading in our kids while raising funds for our school.


On Readathon day (Feb 9th), students may come to school in their PJ's and bring their pillows and blankets to make reading forts in class.
They will read and be read to throughout the day by authors and members of our community; students will read with their buddy classes; and we will even have Marin Humane's trained dogs for the kids to read to!


Support the school readathon and ignite a love for learning in our students - your donation helps provide essential resources and enriching experiences, fostering a brighter future through the magic of books and education.

Empower young minds through the joy of reading. Join our school readathon, and your donations will make a lasting impact.




Art classes at RVC are a great space for the kids to tinker and explore while being encouraged to check in with their feelings as they express themselves. It is a huge spectrum of learning from the technical aspect of art to the social emotional aspect, with room to express and discover themselves.

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RVC kids love Mr Josh! Kids in older grades are learning to play the ukulele. They love songs such as: Stand by me, Everyday by Buddy Holly, Beatles and Yesterday

The kids in younger grades are currently enjoying and learning weather songs, yellow submarine, great balls of fire, Moana.

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Social emotional learning happens daily at RVC, whether it is discussing and reinforcing concepts of consent, personal space and body boundaries; growth mindset; responsible decision-making; mindfulness and self-regulation; self-awareness in community; or practicing resilience in the face of change and challenge. Students learn to integrate their social emotional learning with the help of teachers and staff, but work towards using their interpersonal skills independently to resolve conflicts and grow stronger as members of the community.

Fuel a love for learning!

 Your participation in our readathon helps us create a brighter future for our students.


Emma Bland Smith

Emma Bland Smith is a librarian and the award-winning author of many books for children. Her latest include Mr. McCloskey’s Marvelous MallardsHow Science Saved the Eiffel Tower, and The Gardener of Alcatraz. Emma lives in an old creaky house in San Francisco with her family, pets, and too many cookbooks and coffee mugs. Visit her at www.emmabsmith.com.

She is represented by Essie White of Storm Literary Agency.

Contact her at email: emmasmithsf [at] yahoo.com.


"A book is a dream that you hold in your hand." - Neil Gaiman

Gretchen Ott

Gretchen grew up in sunny Solana Beach, California, USA. She spent her early years next to the Pacific Ocean, then later settled near the giant redwoods of Northern California. Nature has always been an influence and attraction in her life, and she took inspiration from nature to create this colorful story about being kind to one another through the symbolic gesture of giving a rainbow to a friend. Gretchen has a BA in Early Childhood Development from Cal Poly Humboldt. She has been teaching preschool for over 25 years. This is her debut picture book.

Contact Gretchen: gretchen.ott@gmail.com


Books have the power to change lives.

Join our readathon and be a part of the positive change in our students' education.

Iris Meinolf

Iris Meinolf is the Children's Services Librarian at the Fairfax branch of the Marin County Free Library and she is a former mom at RVC.

Iris is passionate about books and literacy, and loves connecting kids to the right book. The best part of her job is creating connections in the community - from doing outreach to schools, special summer programming, and to events like this special reading for the festival. In addition, Iris used to work as an outdoor educator in the East Bay and is deeply connected to the nature that surrounds her in her home in West Marin.


Help us reach our goal. Only a few more days to Readathon Day...


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