Encouraging creativity,

cultivating confidence,

and sparking curiosity

every day



Encouraging creativity,

cultivating confidence,

and sparking curiosity

every day


The Pillars of Inquiry-Based Learning

At RVC, we value curiosity and emphasize joy in learning

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TK at RVC is full of play, inquiry, and offers hands-on exploration to spark curiosity and create a joy of learning.

Children who qualify for Transitional Kindergarten in the Fall turn 5 between September 2, 2023 and February 2 2024. 

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Our inquiry based approach centers students to engage their curiosity. We encourage learners to build knowledge and understanding through hands-on experiences.

RVC students share their knowledge with others, deepening their understanding and building confidence. Our arts-integrated program has students singing, creating, and performing as part of the classroom experience. Our multi-faceted approach to engaging and supporting students is designed to ensure that they thrive in school and beyond.

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"It's a place where the kids are allowed to discover what they're made of."


Creating Lifelong Learners

At RVC, our multi-faceted approach engages students and promotes deep learning. By weaving arts, social-emotional understanding, and academics together, we create an environment where students can shine their own light.

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Focusing on Diversity and Inclusion

Creating an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity is a priority at RVC. Our staff understands age-appropriate ways to discuss diversity, inclusion, and social justice at every grade level.

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Building Community

RVC is rich in traditions that bring us together to celebrate our community.

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Ross Valley Charter is a unique public school where curiosity is nurtured and there are endless opportunities for joy in the classroom. Our inquiry-based program empowers students to master material as they explore their interests and share their knowledge with the school community. Read about our program or request information to learn more.

Ross Valley Charter is a public elementary school in Fairfax, California.

At Ross Valley Charter, it is our mission to understand and support the unique social, emotional and academic needs of every child. In addition to the classroom teachers, our staff includes a Special Education Teacher, an Intervention Specialist, and a bilingual Family Outreach and Support Coordinator. Students also receive Art, Music and Physical Education every week.

Our campus offers plenty of outdoor learning and play space, and convenient access to nearby open space, where our students take hikes, read, sing, and write out of doors.

From Transitional Kindergarten through 5th grade, RVC's inquiry-led approach develops confident, joyful learners.

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