Third-graders play the bells
Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and First-grade students sing with RVC Music Teacher, Ms. Amanda

Mr. Tim and Ms. Rebecca’s classes sing with Ms. Amanda

Before our break, RVC had a music sharing assembly to share some music from music classes and enjoy a little sing-along. We gathered in the gym after lunch in a big circle, and heard a little bit from everyone. In the planning stages, Chris had asked Mr. Matej (the 4th-5th violin class teacher) and me to have the 4th and 5th graders share a few songs, and then have a brief sing-along. I invited the K-1 classes to share their fun greeting song from Africa, Funga Alafia, and This Little Light of Mine –always one I enjoy sharing as we approach the winter solstice. The 2nd-3rd grade classes accompanied Funga Alafia on the xylophones and other barred instruments. Students from Ms. Emily’s class sang a Hanukkah song before we heard the violin class.

The students filled the gym with beautiful sounds with their folk songs and holiday tunes. They really sounded fabulous… and in tune! You might not realize how rare it is to hear a large group of beginners sound so good together; just a millimeter of movement on the fingerboard is all it takes to be in or out of tune. I look forward to hearing how they continue to progress.

Before we closed with a few holiday favorites, students in the 4th-5th Chorus class sang a collection of folk and popular songs they had been working on. In the song, Grateful (A Love Song to the World), by Nimo Patel, students played drums, sang, beat-boxed and rapped endless lists of things we could be grateful for, ending with:

“All that I am, all that I see,
All that I’ve been and all that I’ll ever be,
Is a blessing; it’s so amazing,

Fourth Grade elementary school students play violin at the music recital

Fourth graders playing violin

And I’m grateful for it all.
You’re the blessings that exist,
The small things that are bliss,
The gift to realize that everything is a gift.”

I am grateful to be part of this community, and making music with these students from the birth of this sweet school. In this new year, I’m excited about continuing to bring a variety of styles of music from many cultures, with playfulness, movement, creating, and song and dance to our children.

Written by RVC Music and Chorus Teacher, Amanda Hahn








Third-graders play the bells

Third-graders play the bells