An email has been recently circulated about Ross Valley Charter with misinformation from an anonymous source making the false claim that RVC “plans to take over one of our elementary school campuses”. That is absolutely untrue.

The Ross Valley School District will decide by February 1 what space to offer Ross Valley Charter following its Prop 39 request. Here are some important FACTS to know about the district’s facility decision:

No District students need to be displaced, and no District schools need to be closed for RVC to open this new state-approved public school. RVC’s Prop 39 request specifically states that RVC does not want to displace any District students. RVC’s facilities lawyer has been involved with about one thousand Prop 39 requests in the past decade and has never seen a case where existing district students were displaced from their district school to make room for charter school students. There is no good reason that this needs to happen.

RVC wants to work with the District to find a mutually acceptable solution. RVC believes that if the District shares our desire to avoid displacing students, RVSD and RVC should collaborate to create a solution that achieves this goal.  RVC believes more than one solution exists to accomplish this and is ready and willing to get to work with RVSD to start these discussions.

The Red Hill campus has enough vacant classrooms to house RVC’s entire school. This is RVC’s first choice. If the District will not consider renting the vacant classrooms at Red Hill to RVC, there will be enough available classrooms in District schools that would allow RVC to open without displacing any existing students.

The Ross Valley School District chooses where to place RVC. Urge your District leadership to put its energy into collaborating for a solution so that no District students will be displaced.

Representatives from Ross Valley Charter and the Ross Valley School District met in court on Friday, November 18. The judge suggested that both entities work together to find solutions, and to work on joint communications so parents won’t be confused.