Image of Ross Valley Charter School director Luke Duchene at the RVC campus at White Hill

Ross Valley Charter is thrilled to announce the hiring of our Founding School Director!

Luke Duchene, a Fairfax resident and RVC parent, comes to us with a wealth of experience and expertise as a teacher, school leader and community builder. He understands how to inspire collaborative, compassionate school communities that put our students first.

“I am very excited to join the Ross Valley Charter family. At its core, the educational approach of our school is about engaging and inspiring students. We give students choices in the learning process, and that teaches kids to advocate for themselves and express their ideas. This is the kind of education I wish I had as a child, and it’s the kind of education I want for my own children. I was thrilled to be asked to lead this forward-looking new public school for our community,” said Luke.

Luke currently serves as Assistant Principal at Hoover Middle School in San Francisco. Before that he was a classroom teacher for seven years. At every school he has worked at, he has created lasting accomplishments, such as:

  • Creating programs enhancing social-emotional development
  • Increasing language immersion programs
  • Developing STEAM, art and music programs
  • Programs that engage students in service learning

“During Luke’s interview with the six founding RVC teachers, we appreciated his understanding of our progressive education model. We look forward to collaborating with Luke to provide a great education for our RVC students,” said Chris Lyons, 4th/5th grade teacher.

Luke’s educational credentials are impressive, including a BA with Honors from Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland, a Masters in Education from National University, and participation in the Educational Leadership Development Academy at the University of San Diego. Mr. Duchene holds both a California teaching credential in Social Sciences as well as an Administrative Services credential.

“Luke brings years of experience as a teacher and leader to our school and also lives in our community. He is in the perfect position to create an outstanding school program for our students and families. We are thrilled to have such an experienced, community-minded leader,” said Sharon Sagar, RVC Board Chair.

This is RVC’s latest reason to be excited about the school we are creating for our students. We are currently enrolling for this fall! We invite you to reach out to your friends, neighbors and community to share our good news and encourage new families to join us. Interested families may contact the school at 415-488-5863 or join a small gathering.