Ross Valley Charter welcomes our new teachers, students and families, as well as our returning community, to the 2018-19 school year.  We’re kicking off the year with a lot of joy, excitement, and inquiry. The RVC classroom teachers spent time over the summer digging into inquiry-based learning and students have jumped right in starting day 1 with hands-on studies of plants and our surrounding open spaces.

After-school enrichment is already in high gear with a host of fun classes, including Kung Fu, Food Science, Art, Capoeira, Lego, Ukulele, Basketball, Hiking, STEAM, and our ever popular Mountain Biking class. Several of our after-school classes are taught by RVC parents, who bring their passions and talents to share with our students.

We’re grateful to our whole community for making RVC a welcoming, thriving, and exciting place to learn!

RVC elementary students examine a crested gecko at White Hill


RVC students on bicycles for after-school mountain biking