A table lined with place settings for a Valentine's celebration at the Charter at White Hill Campus in Ross Valley

Place settings for a Valentine’s celebration

Ross Valley Charter students love Valentine’s Day. Each class had their own special way of celebrating. For our TK/K/1 students, Valentine’s Day is an occasion for cultivating the love of learning. The class developed their problem-solving, collaboration and cooperation skills by working together to create a heart shape with their bodies. It was amazing to see them figure it out!

Language Arts got lots of love as students wrote personal messages in handmade cards for each friend in class. They then alphabetized their tiny works of art and delivered them in person. The room was filled with giggles, hugs and blossoming friendships as students joined together to enjoy a celebratory treat, prepared with love by RVC teachers and parents.




Transitional Kindergarteners, Kindergarteners, and First graders create valentines for friends

Creating Valentines for friends