Transportation to the RVC Campus

Programa de almuerzo gratis y precio reducido

Las familias que califican para el almuerzo gratis y precio reducido también califican para:

  • Tarjetas de autobús a precio reducido
  • Cuidado antes y después el día escolar a precio reducido
  • Almuerzo gratis y precio reducido

Para aplicar nuestro programa de almuerzo gratis y precio reducido, completa una solicitud y devuélvala a la oficina de RVC.

A continuación, se inscribirá en almuerzo gratis o de precio reducido, autobús y cuidado antes o después del día escolar directamente con nuestra oficina, no en línea.

Enlaces a la aplicación:

Dirección de envio a RVC:

Ross Valley Charter
PO Box 971
Fairfax, CA 94978

Para obtener más información, llame a la oficina de RVC al 415.534.6970.


Free and Reduced-Price Lunch Program

Families that qualify for our Free and Reduced lunch program qualify for

To apply for our Free and Reduced Lunch program, fill out an application and return it to the RVC office. You will then sign up for reduced priced lunches, bus, and/or before/after care directly through our office, rather than online.

Application Links:

RVC Mailing Address:

Ross Valley Charter
PO Box 971
Fairfax, CA 94978

For more information, call the RVC office at 415.534.6970.

Getting to RVC

We hope getting to and from school will be an enjoyable and hassle-free part of the day. Our school starting and ending times are different from White Hill Middle School’s, but we encourage RVC families and staff to be conscious of the fact that we are sharing a campus with limited parking and one access road. Here are some suggestions to make things smoother:

An icon of a yellow bus. Ross Valley Charter has a dedicated yellow school bus route to the White Hill Campus every morning.

Yellow Bus Program

RVC is working with Marin Transit to have a trial RVC-only yellow school bus in the mornings. We need minimum ridership of 20 students to keep this program. The morning bus arrives at 8:25 am, and students will be welcomed by an RVC adult. 

RVC students can also ride the afternoon "late bus" with middle school students.

Click here for full details on the bus routes and program.

Icon of children walking to school. Walking to school is encouraged at Ross Valley Charter.

Walking School Bus

Informal groups will meet and walk to school in the mornings. Email our office manager, Elizabeth to take part in a walking school bus. 

Icon of an RVC student riding a bike to school

Bike to School

A new bike lane extension on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard leads past Glen Drive, directly to a path that circles the White Hill field, and right up to our building. It’s a great way to get some fresh air and exercise before and after school. Click here for route information. 


West Marin Stagecoach

Small public buses also run from downtown San Anselmo (7:58) through Fairfax (8:12) and drop off at Glen Drive (8:19) each morning--in time to get to school by 8:30.  In the afternoons, the bus picks up at 4:10 on Sir Francis Drake and goes through downtown Fairfax (4:16) to San Anselmo (4:26).  The cost is $1 per ride (exact change required) for students, and a youth pass can be purchased for $175 per six-month period or $325 for a year; contact the RVC office to purchase a pass.


If you drive your child to RVC, you will need to park on the street, as there is a very small parking lot on campus that is only for staff.  Cars may not enter and leave the parking lot while the buses are loading and unloading. 

In the morning, the curb in front of the school on Glen Dr (along the parking lot) will only be for pickup/dropoff, not parking. Please note that cars will not be allowed in the lot when our bus arrives and unloads at 8:25.

In the afternoons, cars will not be allowed in the parking lot. Middle school buses will be entering the parking lot to load and turnaround between 3:00-3:20, and two buses return for another pick-up at around 3:40. It is helpful if you arrive as close to 3:30 as possible to avoid the middle school bus and car traffic. To avoid the parking lot, turn around at the north end of Glen Drive and park on the street near the school. Pickup can only done from Glen Drive (drive to end of street, turn around).

On the right side of Glen Drive as you approach the school, there are many reserved parking spots for residents, so please avoid parking there.  

Image of the Ross Valley Charter School Front entrance from parking lot
Ross Valley Charter is located at 97 Glen Drive in Fairfax, on the White Hill school campus.