RVC Child Care and Enrichment Registration

Ross Valley Charter offers before-school care, afterschool camp, and many afterschool enrichment classes. Guitar, dance, mountain-biking, jewelry-making, carpentry, and more keep our students learning and having fun all afternoon!

Students at Marin's Inquiry-based Elementary school
Charter students play music, two boys playing music on ukeleles

We love to enrich our students and support our families. There's fun on campus every day until 5:30 pm.


For children who attend the Fairfax-San Anselmo Children's Center, van service is provided from school to the center every day.

Please contact the office if your family needs before-school care.

Teacher Workdays/School Holiday Coverage: School holiday care is available through the local YMCA.


Para los niños que asisten al Centro Infantil Fairfax-San Anselmo, el servicio de camioneta se brinda de la escuela al centro todos los días.

Comuníquese con la oficina si su familia necesita cuidado antes de la escuela.

Cobertura de días laborales para maestros / días festivos escolares: El cuidado durante los días festivos escolares está disponible a través de la YMCA local.

RVC's Afterschool Camp (Aftercare)

Afterschool Camp (formerly known as Aftercare) is offered from the time school gets out until 6pm every day.

TK – K from 1:45 – 5:30 pm
Gr 1 - 5 from 3:15 – 5:30 pm*

*Camp starts at 1:45 for all grades on early release days.

Signup information is available through ParentSquare

If you need help signing up, please contact the office.

Discounted rates are available for Free and Reduced Lunch families and assistance is also available through the Marin Care Council. Please contact the office to set either of these up.

Afterschool Enrichment

Our Enrichment team lines up amazing after-school events for every day of the week. Offerings include woodworking, mountain biking, running, instruments, and more to expand our students' horizons.

Registration information is available through our ParentSquare app. If you need help, please contact the office.

Information on our current Enrichment Classes is available through ParentSquare


Before-care starts at 7:45 and is free to all families. Contact our office for more information!

Free and Reduced-Price Lunch, Bus, and Childcare Program

Families that qualify for our Free and Reduced lunch program qualify for reduced-price childcare and enrichment.

To apply for our Free and Reduced Lunch program, fill out an application and return it to the RVC office. You will then sign up for reduced priced lunches, bus, and/or before/after care directly through our office, rather than online.

For more information, call the RVC office at 415-534-6970.

Programa de almuerzo gratis y precio reducido

Las familias que califican para el almuerzo gratis y precio reducido también califican para cuidado antes y después el día escolar a precio reducido.

Para aplicar nuestro programa de almuerzo gratis y precio reducido, completa una solicitud y devuélvala a la oficina de RVC.

A continuación, se inscribirá en almuerzo gratis o de precio reducido, autobús y cuidado antes o después del día escolar directamente con nuestra oficina, no en línea.

Para obtener más información, llame a la oficina de RVC al (415) 534-6970.