RVC Bus Service to and from White Hill School

Join the Yellow Bus Program

Sign up for a bus pass soon - WH-16, the afternoon route, does sell out quickly!

These are Yellow buses with trained drivers, provided by the Marin Transit Authority.

  • The morning bus is a dedicated RVC bus that takes kids from San Anselmo to the White Hill School campus
  • The afternoon bus is shared with White Hill students on their “late” bus, and is an express to San Anselmo
  • Once you register, passes will be mailed home. RVC can print temporary passes if they haven't arrived yet

Buses help reduce traffic and can save you time in the mornings. Even if you might only use the pass a few days a week, it is still a bargain and a commute-saver.

Reduced-price bus passes

Reduced-price bus passes are available for students who qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch program. If you have signed up for the Free and Reduced Lunch program, sign up for your bus pass through the RVC Office: 415-534-6970

Tarjetas de autobús a precio reducido

Hay tarjetas de autobús a precio reducido por las familias que califican para el almuerzo gratis y precio reducido.  Si se inscribió en el programa de comidas gratis o a precio reducido, regístrese para obtener su pase de autobús a través de la oficina de RVC: 415-534-6970

Ross Valley Charter students take the bus to their elementary school at White Hill in the Ross Valley School District (RVSD)

WH-17 - RVC-Only Morning Route from San Anselmo to White Hill Campus


8:00 am - San Anselmo Hub Bus Stop (at Center and Bridge Streets)

8:10 am - Butterfield Road at Sir Francis Drake Blvd.

8:14 am - Downtown Fairfax

8:16 am - Marinda Drive and Sir Francis Drake Blvd.

8:25 am - arrive at Ross Valley Charter


Monthly Cost - $39.50
Annual Cost - $375

WH-16 - Afternoon Express from White Hill to San Anselmo

Parents need to be at the bus stop in the afternoon to pick up children in grades TK-1. Otherwise, the bus will take children back to the school.

Afternoon routes serve RVC students as well as the White Hill "late-bus" riders.


3:50/2:50 - Downtown Fairfax
3:53/ 2:53 - San Anselmo Ave & Sir Francis Drake Blvd
3:55 / 2:55 - Ash Avenue & Sir Francis Drake Blvd
4:03 / 3:03 - Memorial Park
4:05 / 3:05 - Sais Ave & Sir Francis Drake Blvd
4:08 / 3:08 - San Anselmo Bus Hub (at Center & Bridge Streets)
4:10 / 3:10 - Red Hill Ave & Sequoia Dr


Monthly Cost - $39.50
Annual Cost - $375


West Marin Stagecoach

Small public buses also run from downtown San Anselmo (7:58) through Fairfax (8:12) and drop off at Glen Drive (8:19) each morning--in time to get to school by 8:30.  In the afternoons, the bus picks up at 4:10 on Sir Francis Drake and goes through downtown Fairfax (4:16) to San Anselmo (4:26).  The cost is $1 per ride (exact change required) for students, and a youth pass can be purchased for $175 per six-month period or $325 for a year; contact the RVC office to purchase a pass.