Comedian Stands up with Ross Valley Charter

Master of Ceremonies announces the performers at RVC's Variety Show

Students and families witnessed many acts of bravery at our first-ever Variety Show. Fifteen student-generated acts by TK-5th graders featured 1st-grade ballerinas dancing to Faust (choreography by our own Mrs. Duchene), stand-up comedians, solo pianists, violinists, a ukulele rock band, performance artists, harmony singers, and dancers. Ross Valley Charter kids brought the house down!

The Variety Show was planned by a 5th-grade parent, who helped the children with their acts, coordinated rehearsals, and recruited volunteers to help bring off the event. Her labor of love helped the performers build confidence and show their skills, and brought the families together to celebrate our children. Our whole community is grateful to the volunteers who created this magical event.




Ross Valley Charter Student plays the ukulele