A photo of White Hill Campus, where Ross Valley Charter was located from 2017-2019

Ross Valley Charter School (RVC) announces that it will be submitting a request under Proposition 39 for allocation of school facilities from Ross Valley School District for the 2018-19 school year.

RVC remains open and amenable to discussing other options with the District, including negotiating a lease for space at the largely vacant Red Hill campus.

RVC has also continued to look for an alternate commercial location. To date, no other site has been available that meets size, cost, and other needs suitable as an elementary school site, but our search is ongoing.

Prop 39 is an annual process undertaken by over half of the 1,250 charter schools in California. RVC submitted a similar request under the law last year, resulting in RVSD allocating space for RVC at its White Hill Middle School campus.

The intent of Proposition 39, which became law when approved by a majority of California voters in 2000, was for public school facilities to be shared fairly among all public school students, including those in charter schools. Ross Valley Charter opened its doors as a new public charter school at the White Hill campus in August, with 125 students and six former RVSD teachers to offer a multi-age, child-centered, project-based, progressive educational approach for the community. For more information, see https://rossvalleycharter.org/