Every 4th and 5th Ross Valley Charter grader had the opportunity to take part in the Age of Sail overnight immersion experience. This wonderful program builds confidence, responsibility, and teamwork skills. The excursion’s published goals align so well with what RVC students experience every week at this school — “a safe environment where the students can be challenged and focus on important life skills: communication, problem solving and personal responsibility, using tasks that are increasingly complex and challenging and require listening, questioning and teamwork.”

The two classrooms each had their own night at sea (docked at the Maritime Museum). Students role-play operating as the crew while the adults– or “Tall Sailors” are present as observers and safety monitors, but not allowed to help or guide the new crew.

Ms. Chris loves going on this field trip with her class. “I’m so glad my children got this memorable opportunity. My students return from this field trip every other year with a renewed energy and commitment to each other and learning by doing.”