Ross Valley Charter Outreach and Recruitment Plan

Authorized by the State of California, Ross Valley Charter is committed to providing progressive education, and is open to all public school students in the State.

Ross Valley Charter is committed to growing its enrollment until it becomes full, with three full multiage strands and 222 students. Moreover, it is committed to creating a student body that fully reflects the full range of diversity found in the broader school-aged community in Ross Valley and neighboring communities. RVC believes that creating a diverse community of learners is critical to a basic 21st Century education.

To this end, RVC actively seeks students from all areas within Ross Valley School District, with an emphasis on reaching English Learners and students who are eligible for Free and Reduced Price Meals. The underlying belief that all students are capable of thriving academically, socially, and emotionally will guide our approach and ensure that all students have equal access to learning.  RVC conducts active, ongoing outreach to attract students in traditionally underserved groups.

Outreach and recruitment must be primarily based on school families who are happy both with the education their children are receiving and also with their own relationship with the overall school community. Our most effective recruitment efforts are the stories that our parents tell other parents about their family’s school experience.

RVC works to establish relationships with pre-schools and day care centers in our District, especially those that serve lower income populations, and provide them with promotional materials and presentations in both English and Spanish.

Outreach will include the following media:

Online media:

    • RVC will continue to update and maintain a website with important pages available in Spanish.
    • RVC has a Facebook page in order to maintain a social media presence and will use Facebook boosting and targeting capabilities to reach our target audiences.
    • RVC has produced a short video with Spanish subtitles for use at recruitment and outreach events which is also available on our website.
    • An RVC parent has also created a short video series on RVC and the progressive, multi-age educational model that is available on our website.

Print based media:

    • RVC creates bilingual flyers, with targeted placements, to encourage enrollment and offer information about upcoming events.
    • RVC has created and distributes a bilingual brochure to educate families about RVC offerings.

RVC will identify and attend relevant local meetings and events in order to present and/ or distribute materials.

RVC will hold orientation sessions for new parents throughout the year and will advertise these sessions at pre-schools and through Facebook. It will also conduct weekly tours of its schools for interested parents.

RVC has a Diversity Committee made up of parents and staff which meets monthly is focused on evaluating and improving RVC’s culture to continually improve its inclusiveness and improve RVC outreach.