If someone wants to report suspected fraud, please call our Fraud Hotline voice mail box at ‪(415) 506-8003‬ and/or email and provide a detailed description of the fraud that is suspected.


Leaving a voice mail or email will trigger an email to the school’s Treasurer who will convene an Investigation Unit that will include himself, the Business Official, the Board Chair and an EdTec representative. If any one or more of these positions has been implicated in the fraud voice mail or email report, the Treasurer will replace that position with the School Director and or the Vice Chair of the Board, as the Treasurer deems appropriate based on the fraud report.


The Investigation Unit shall determine the scope of its investigation and shall implement procedures and processes as appropriate to conduct a fair and thorough investigation in accordance with best practices and applicable legal requirements. If the Investigation Unit believes that additional investigative resources are needed, it may seek the assistance of the Charter School’s independent financial auditors, legal counsel, insurance provider, or other outside investigators. When the investigation is concluded, the Investigation Unit shall issue a confidential report to the Board.


The Investigation Unit shall treat all information received confidentially, subject to any disclosure obligations required by law. The person reporting the suspected fraud should not attempt to personally conduct investigations or interviews/interrogations related to any suspected fraudulent act.


Investigation results will not be disclosed or discussed with anyone other than those who have a legitimate need to know, and as otherwise required by law. This is important in order to avoid damaging the reputations of persons suspected but subsequently found innocent of wrongful conduct and to protect the Charter School from potential civil liability.

Ross Valley Charter is an equal opportunity provider.