RVC School Governance

RVC is a free, public school authorized by the State of California. See below for details about our board and governance.

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RVC is a California Public Elementary School

Ross Valley Charter was incorporated under California Law in 2014 as a Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation and has 501c3 status with the IRS as a charitable and educational institution. In 2016, our Charter petition was approved by the California Department of Education. As part of our renewal in 2021, the Marin County Office of Education was appointed to be RVC's authorizer and oversight agency.

Contact the Marin County Office of Education: 

1111 Las Gallinas Avenue. San Rafael, CA 94903
PHONE: 415-472-4110

RVC’s board meetings are held in public, and agendas and supplementary materials, including historical financial reports, can be found at the Board Documents website.


Three year budgets, budget narratives, and two year cash flow projections are approved at the last regular board meeting in June every year.  Revisions to these budgets are made twice a year, first at the December regular meeting and again at the March regular board meeting. Financial statements and balance sheet for the periods ending in October and January are also published at the December and March meetings, respectively. Unaudited financial income and balance sheet statements for the previous school year (ending June 30) are approved at the September regular board meeting each year.  All of these can be found at the board meeting web site.

Since beginning operations in the fall of 2017, RVC has been funded primarily by per pupil revenue from the CDE under the state’s Local Control Funding Formula and Special Education funding through the El Dorado County Charter SELPA.