RVC Finances

Ross Valley Charter is a nonprofit organization with 501c3 status. It is authorized by the California State Board of Education. This authorization must be reviewed and renewed every five years.

Ross Valley Charter has been supported for the last two years by donations from local families and community members interested in creating a new public school option for the Ross Valley public school system.

In addition, RVC has received a federal startup grant for $375,000 through the California Department of Education (CDE). Once it begins operations in the fall of 2017, RVC will be funded by per pupil revenue from the CDE under the state’s Local Control Funding Formula. It will also receive a 4-year low interest rate charter school start-up revolving loan from the California Department of Finance of $250,000 to assist with cash flow as RVC builds its reserves, which after 3 years are projected to be more than $600,000.

Click here to see the RVC 5 year line item budget.

Click here to see the associated budget Narrative.

These have both been approved by the California Department of Education.