Educational Planning (LCAP) Schedule

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Educational Planning (LCAP) Schedule

As part of the 2013 reform of education funding in California, public schools – both district and charter – were given broad latitude about how to spend their state funding dollars.  This reform, called Local Control Funding Formula or LCFF, eliminated most programs that were targeted for specific purposes and gave schools the latitude to spend their state funds on what the schools felt was important.

In exchange for this added local control the legislature created an accountability framework that required schools to have a written plan, called the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), that addressed a specific list of priority educational areas, as well as to craft those plans in a public process with opportunities for input from stakeholders, including parents of disadvantaged pupils.

The details involved in LCAP requirements are rather complex and are still evolving as the State Board of Education and Department of Education refine the processes.  These will be further explained during this year’s planning process described below.

RVC currently has an LCAP that was adopted by the Governing Board in June of 2017.  The 2017-18 development process will start with this plan and focus on reviewing progress on items in the plan and developing additional goals and activities based on current experiences and stakeholder input.

The current RVC 2017-18 LCAP can be found here.

The primary mechanisms for stakeholder involvement in the RVC LCAP development process will be the Leadership Council and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.  The Leadership Council meets monthly on the first Wednesday of the month and is made up of parents, teachers, and administration and its role and composition is fully described on pages 143-146 of the RVC Petition  The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is also referenced in the RVC Petition on page 146 and it meets monthly on the second Monday of the month.  It has expanded its scope to include all subgroups in the school including special education families.

Beginning at the February meetings of both these groups, the School Director will make a presentation on the current LCAP and how progress on the LCAP is being monitored and will present a schedule for the next four months during which the 18-19 LCAP will be developed before being presented to the Governing Board in May and June for its review and adoption.

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