Ross Valley Charter Students reading to a golden retriever

RVC is happy to introduce a new Reading Dog Program for the students of Ross Valley Charter. With the Reading Dog program, therapy dogs come to campus to listen and read with students on a regular basis. The dogs and their handlers are Therapy Certified Teams that are trained to work with children through Marin Humane Society’s ‘Share-A-Book Program’ and 4Paws ‘Readers of the Pack.’

the Reading Dog Program gives students the chance to read in a stress-free, encouraging setting — the dogs don’t care if they get stuck on a word or accidentally skip a line. Children are inspired to read as they find themselves relaxing and having fun with a furry friend. Reading to a wagging audience, students come to see themselves as good readers, which helps build their self-esteem. Students can’t wait for their turn with the reading dogs. As their confidence grows, they want to practice reading more often, leading to improved reading skills!

Participation in the program is voluntary, and has already created a lot of excitement amongst our students.
Ross Valley elementary student reading to a small dogRoss Valley Reading Dog Program Volunteer with students and small dog.