Special Education

Special Education at RVC

RVC is committed to an inclusion approach for children with special educational needs. RVC’s full-time, credentialed special education teacher is a part of our teaching team delivering these services in the context of RVC’s overall child-centered approach and in collaboration with the general education teachers to support each child’s particular needs and abilities.

RVC provides all state-required services to children with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and 504 Plans. Details on this can be found on pages 88-100 of the RVC charter petition. These details were approved as satisfactory by both the Marin County Office of Education and the California Department of Education in 2015.

RVC has joined the El Dorado Charter SELPA (more information about Special Education Local Plan Areas here), a consortia that serves hundreds of charter schools throughout California and is committed to special education being an inherent part of their schools’ visions as well as compliant with all legal requirements.

In addition, one of RVC’s board members is a special education parent and serves on the Marin County Strategic Planning Task Force. RVC will work with Marin County and Sonoma County Special Education offices for local training and collaboration.

The proportion of special education students in public charter schools and non-charter public schools throughout California is equivalent.

To learn more about special education at Charter schools, read more here.

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