Afternoons are Fun at RVC!

There's fun at RVC on campus every day until 6 p.m. Students bike, run, strum, and STEAM. They act and sing and learn kung fu, and generally have a blast. 

RVC After-Care with Camp Funderblast

Every day from release time until 6 pm, our Funderblasters are making crafts, playing games, dancing, and having fun. RVC's after-care program provides coverage for students TK and up, and also provides supplemental coverage for kiddos who have after-school enrichment classes.

Registration for after-care is online on this website. Click here to sign up!

After-School Enrichment

Our volunteer Enrichment and Engagement team lines up amazing after-school events for every day of the week. Offerings include STEAM, mountain biking, running, instruments, and more.

Registration information is available through the Eleyo registration system. If you need help logging in, stop by or call our office.

Tuition for after-school programs is based on a sliding scale to accommodate our families.

Image of Ross Valley elementary school students mountain-biking, creating artwork, and playing music. Caption says "Fun at school until 6pm!"

RVC is a public school in Ross Valley authorized by the California Department of Education. We're located at the St. Rita's campus in downtown Fairfax, California.

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