Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarteners dress as bats for Halloween

After school closure due to power outages, RVC re-opened just in time for our community to celebrate Halloween with our wonderful traditions. The campus was filled with joy and excitement, which was a wonderful reset from the uncertainty of the week.

After a lot of pumpkin cleaning by our family volunteers, the multi-age Buddy Families came together to design and carve jack o'lanterns together. It's always wonderful to see the buddies come together, with the older students guiding their K/1 and 2/3 buddies.

The highlight of the Costume Parade was the K/1 Bat Colony, all wearing bat costumes made in school. Then the whole school proceeded to the Hall for a dance party complete with smoke machine!

Our kiddos look forward to these traditions each year, and especially to taking on new responsibilities as they become the older students in their groups.

Happy Halloween, everyone!