Ross Valley Charter Students write poetry while sitting on the floor of the de Young Museum

Ross Valley Charter 4th and 5th graders visited San Francisco’s de Young Museum to write poetry inspired by art in the “Revelations: Art from the African American South” exhibit. The paintings, sculptures, drawings, and quilts created by 22 acclaimed African American artists led students to think deeply about the black experience in America.

Ross Valley Charter students learn about art to inspire their poetry

Below are two poems written by students:

I see the colorful strips swim across each other
Making hopeful patterns of freedom
Strips curving
Straight strips
Red-orange strips separated by muddy yellow strips
Just like the blacks were separated from whites
Light green following the scarlet-rose red strips
One cold blue standing out from all the others
Showing difference
No one is the same
No one is better

I kneel down
Shaky hands
Cut through needley thorns of the cotton stalks
Up above the ruby sun gazes down
Through the murky green sky
Wishing a wish
That soon a brighter day will come