Ross Valley Charter students, staff, and families gather to socialize and make crafts.

Students, staff, and families gathered in Peri Park for Ross Valley Charter’s Fall Harvest Gathering last Sunday. The Fall Harvest Gathering is a chance for our community to meet outside of school when we have time to socialize and share our time with each other.

The RVC community gathered to make fall mobiles with leaves, beads, and feathers and make life-sized figures filled with items from nature. Children played tag and ran through the redwoods and across the creek. Everyone enjoyed the yummy dishes that were brought to share, served by RVC parents.

RVC parent alums played music for everyone to enjoy, and we made a lot of new friends who stopped by to see what the celebration was about. We’d like to thank everyone who pitched in to make this gathering so lovely and joyous, and everyone who came and joined our community!

Life-sized silhouettes of children and the letters RVC are filled in with fall leaves, moss, and feathers

Fall figures made at the Harvest Gathering adorn the hallway at Ross Valley Charter.