The Application Process

Please contact the school office at (415) 534-6970 if you have any questions.

How to Apply

Applicants for the Current School Year

Call our office to discuss enrollment for the current school year.

We Are Now Accepting Applications for the 2021-22 School Year

RVC welcomes all California residents to apply. We accept applications all year, and begin our admissions process in the Spring for the following Fall. Priority is given to families who apply within the first application period. After that date, the admissions process is conducted frequently and students are accepted or placed on a waitlist.

School tours are conducted throughout the year. Click here to sign up for an online tour.


Application Timeline for the 2021-22 School Year

RVC conducts enrollment through out the year. Students who are admitted to RVC have 2 weeks to complete their enrollment paperwork. Otherwise, that slot is opened up for the next enrollment period. Click here for admissions and waitlist information.

Our Four-Step Admissions Process

RVC accepts all California resident students, from TK through 5th grade. Our enrollment process is simple.

  1. Submit an application by applying online or mailing in the form. At the end of the next enrollment period, the admissions process will be conducted to accept applicants, or a grade-level lottery will be conducted if there are more applicants than there are open spaces.
  2. Once RVC has conducted the admissions process, you will receive an offer of admission or be placed on the waitlist.
  3. Submit the “Admission Acceptance” form. You will receive a link to this form with your admission offer.
  4. Submit Enrollment documents.

Enrolled students don't need to reapply every year.

Enrollment FAQs

RVC emphasizes the joy of discovery: students are encouraged to follow their natural curiosity, and are given the space and tools to explore their interests. The RVC approach fosters independence and collaboration, individual responsibility and a caring sense of community.

An oil painting that says we heart RVC. Ross Valley Charter is a loving elementary school community.
Quote: "When they give you an assignment, you get to take it to a whole new level and make it your own. This stays with you for your entire life, and becomes part of you as a person. Th teachers, you really get to know them as people over two years." said Keegan, student