Ross Valley Charter's Covid-19 Mitigation Plan and Information for the 2021-22 School Year

Staying Safe at School

At Ross Valley Charter, the health and safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. We are working hard to ensure that in-person classroom learning is safe and follows State and Federal public health orders. We are grateful for the commitment to health and safety we have seen from our whole community.

Our strategies have been developed and are revised in partnership with the Marin County Office of Education.

This webpage is intended to offer our community a central location to access information during this continually evolving time.  The information on this page will remain fluid and responsive to new information from local, regional, state, and federal agencies.

Current Guidelines Overview

  • The most important guideline is to stay home if there has been exposure or symptoms.
  • All students and staff must remain masked indoors and outdoors.
  • Students will be asked to wash their hands throughout the day (after meals, sneezing or coughing, after playtime, etc).
  • Students may remove their masks during meals or to take a "mask break" in a safe location.
  • All staff will either be vaccinated or agree to weekly testing.
  • All students and staff will be asked to complete daily health screening on a paper form or through the ParentSquare portal app.

Our main sources for guidelines are below:

Marin County Schools Covid-19 Resources Page:

Marin Health and Human Services Covid-19 Resources:

Stay home If You Are Sick or Exposed!

Students and staff who are ill are expected to stay home. Students who exhibit any symptoms of illness will need to be picked up from school. We will continue to follow MHHS protocols for positive cases, exposure, and quarantine. Decision Trees for School (Vaccinated - English & Spanish and Unvaccinated - English & Spanish).

Practice Hand Hygiene

Frequent hand hygiene is one of the most important preventative practices to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and will be encouraged at school. Time for hand hygiene will be scheduled throughout the day including before eating and before returning to the classrooms after out-of-class activities.

Wear a Mask

Face coverings are required by the Marin Department of Public health based on our placement on the Mitigation Strategy Continuum. Staff, students, and any school visitors will be asked to follow latest guidelines.

When required, masks will be available for students if needed.

Face coverings shall not be required for students or staff if there is a medical or behavioral reason for not wearing a face covering, as verified in writing from a medical professional, member of the school IEP team, or the school counselor.


Non-essential visitors and volunteers will be limited. Please call the office ahead of time if you want to volunteer or visit the campus!


Travel Guidelines

Unvaccinated staff and students who have traveled out of state/country should monitor for symptoms for 14 days following travel AND quarantine for a minimum of seven days. If the unvaccinated person tests negative on day five and remains asymptomatic, they may return to school on day eight.

Without a negative test, unvaccinated students may return after 10 full days of quarantine.

Vaccinated staff who travel out of the state/country should test for Covid 3- 5 days after return and monitor for 14 days.

For testing resources in Marin County, visit the MHHS COVID-19 testing page.

Changes from Last Year

Shared Materials and Student Interaction

Students will return to school this year with the ability to share classroom materials, supplies, and playground equipment.  While in positions A, B, and C on the continuum, students will be able to play together on the playground and interact with students from other classrooms freely at recess. If we are in position D, we would need to return to keeping our students in stable groups.

Social Distancing

There is no longer a specific distancing requirement; however, we are required to keep accurate seating charts and attendance records for students when they are inside of our classrooms.  These records will allow us to work with our public health partners for contact tracing if there is a person who tests positive for COVID-19 at school.


Covid Testing

We are working with the California Department of Public Health to provide options for testing for unvaccinated staff, exposure-response testing, and testing for modified quarantine.  As information about a testing program becomes available, this section will be updated. MHHS is not currently requiring testing of asymptomatic students.  For parents/guardians who wish to have their children tested regularly or if they have been exposed, visit MHHS COVID-19 testing page.

The MHHS Health and Safety Continuum

The the specific guidelines we follow at school will depend upon where we are on the Marin County Schools Mitigation Strategies Continuum.

On an ongoing basis, MHHS will determine where we are on the Continuum as well as specific strategies, based on trends in transmission rates, verified vaccination rates, prevalence of new variants, and impacts on Marin County health care systems.

RVC SSSPP.CSP_8.4.21 Update (1)

The RVC School Site-Specific Protection Plan

Our Site-Specific Protection Plan / Covid Safety Plan gives a detailed description of how RVC meets the requirements for State and local health orders. It will be updated as Federal, State, and County requirements change.

RVC SSSPP.CSP_8.4.21 Update (1)

Vaccination Rates

Student Vaccination Rate: As of this time, no RVC students are eligible for vaccination

Staff Vaccination Rate: 93.94%