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The “Wait til 8th” Movement…one teacher’s perspective.

As a mom with a current 8th grader, the teacher’s perspective in this article very much hits home.  The comparison from 2008 to 2018, with regard to our kids’ access to technology, strikes me as sad and unfortunate.   There are many reasons to “Wait til 8th” (in case you haven’t heard, it’s actually a…

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Tribal Regions Museum Debuts in the 4/5 Classrooms

Ross Valley Charter Students become museum docents in the Regional Tribes classroom project

  RVC’s 4th and 5th graders have been spending time over the past couple of weeks creating exhibits for their Tribal Regions museum, which debuted this week.  Exhibits showcase various aspects of life in regional tribes across the United States. Students from the younger grades toured the museum to learn about the differences in Native American culture depending…

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RVC 4th and 5th Graders Experience the Age of Sail

Every 4th and 5th Ross Valley Charter grader had the opportunity to take part in the Age of Sail overnight immersion experience. This wonderful program builds confidence, responsibility, and teamwork skills. The excursion’s published goals align so well with what RVC students experience every week at this school — “a safe environment where the students…

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Gratitude Feast Gets Fall Break off to a Lovely Start

Ross Valley Charter Fifth Graders Serve the Gratitude Feast

Ross Valley Charter student “buddy families” enjoyed a delicious Gratitude Feast together last Friday. While the Gratitude Feast is a time-honored tradition of our program, this is the first official Gratitude Feast at Ross Valley Charter! The Gratitude Feast is a labor of love created by RVC students. Each class makes enough of a single…

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Fall Harvest Gathering at Peri Park Celebrates Community

Ross Valley Charter students, staff, and families gather to socialize and make crafts.

Students, staff, and families gathered in Peri Park for Ross Valley Charter’s Fall Harvest Gathering last Sunday. The Fall Harvest Gathering is a chance for our community to meet outside of school when we have time to socialize and share our time with each other. The RVC community gathered to make fall mobiles with leaves,…

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