Educating the Whole Child

Ross Valley Charter supports the whole child, with social-emotional learning, science, core academics and arts integrated into daily classroom activities.

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Social and Emotional Learning

At RVC, we know that academic success and social and emotional learning are interdependent.

Our students are introduced to our social-emotional learning program over the first six weeks of school. Our goals are to have clear positive expectations, develop student understanding of their emotions and where they come from, help students grow the capacity to trust and regulate their bodies and minds, and to learn how to work cooperatively with others.  

Throughout the year, mindfulness is woven into every day classroom activities, including mindful breathing after transitions to refocus students, class circles in which students face each other and take turns talking, sharing and problem solving, and lessons on various aspects of mindfulness.  Our classroom teachers incorporate physical movement into activities to help develop coordination, integrate both sides of the brain, and allow children to move their bodies.

Arts-Integrated Education

Performing and visual arts are woven into our curriculum at RVC. Creativity and performance build confidence, let kids express themselves joyfully, and bring us together as a community.




Visual Arts

Our visual arts program augments the arts and crafts projects and Maker Times incorporated into our students’ weekly classroom activities. In art class, children are exposed to a broad range of materials and techniques to capture their imaginations and develop their abilities.

In addition to teaching children about color, line, and form, art instruction helps develop fine motor skills, language skills, social skills, decision-making, risk-taking, and inventiveness.

Music Education

In addition to singing together in class and in our weekly all-school gatherings, our students have music class once per week in grades TK through 3rd, and twice a week in 4th and 5th grade. In music class, students explore instruments and musical styles from around the world, and try new forms of musical expression. They develop rhythm and musicality in age-appropriate ways that build over time.

Our fourth- and fifth-graders choose between violin and instrument/choral ensemble for deeper learning and expression, and perform for the rest of the school twice per year. Our after-school enrichment classes offer more chances to play, sing, and perform.




Physical Education

Our Physical Education program is fun and exciting, while instilling values of teamwork and the importance of movement. Students learn self-respect, respect for competitors and good sportsmanship as they strengthen their bodies. Students work together to be the best they can be as they refine skills and build strength, endurance, ability, speed and flexibility.

Student participates in a relay race in Fairfax California