Why RVC?

At RVC, students are given the tools to follow their natural curiosity and explore their interests. RVC’s approach fosters both independence and collaboration, nurtures social and emotional development while encouraging academic achievement.

Inquiry-Based Learning

Children are naturally curious.  Compelled by curiosity, RVC students are excited to delve deep into questions that are important to them. Students are joyfully engaged in their learning and motivated to increase their own knowledge through discovery. With the focus of a guiding question, students are provided with resources, support, and direction while they work to experiment, research, and learn.

Inquiry Arcs: Three Phases

Throughout the school year, RVC students experience several distinct 6-10 week ‘Inquiry Arcs.’ Each arc follows an intentional process that provides students with background knowledge, while igniting each child’s curiosity to develop their own knowledge, culminating in them sharing what they’ve learned.

A bulletin board with the three phases of inquiry around plant growth
An inquiry into plant growth and change.