Dec. 17, 206 – Letter to RVSD Parents and Teachers

Despite the Superintendent’s suggestion to locate RVC in the 6th grade building at White Hill, RVC continues to believe that, in the interest of trying to find a solution that does not dislocate any students, the best next step is for the District to meet with RVC, with an MCOE mediator present, to vet RVC’s proposals that do not dislocate any students.  Click here to read the letter. 


Dec. 12, 2016 – An Open Letter to Ross Valley School District – Please Sit Down with RVC

Ross Valley Charter believes that if the District and RVC work together with the mutual goal of minimizing any facilities’ impact to RVSD families, we will be able to arrive at a better solution than if both parties are working in isolation without dialogue. Please read our open letter to the district here.