Our Vibrant Community

At RVC, students are given the tools to follow their natural curiosity and explore their interests. RVC’s approach fosters both independence and collaboration, nurtures social and emotional development while encouraging academic achievement.

Ross Valley Charter Fifth Graders Serve the Gratitude Feast

Gratitude Feast Gets Fall Break off to a Lovely Start

November 19, 2017

Ross Valley Charter student “buddy families” enjoyed a delicious Gratitude Feast together last Friday. While the Gratitude Feast is a time-honored tradition of our program, this is the first official Gratitude Feast at Ross Valley Charter! The Gratitude Feast is a labor of love created by RVC students. Each class makes enough of a single…

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Row of jack-o-lanterns carved by Ross Valley Charter elementary school students

Pumpkin Carving and Halloween Festivities at RVC

November 1, 2017

Buddy groups getting together to carve jack-o-lanterns together is a 20-year tradition continued from Multi-Age Program days to RVC today — another cherished whole-school tradition featuring creativity, community and self-expression. At Ross Valley Charter, buddy families have members from each grade-level who get together for activities during the week. Yesterday, buddies got together to design…

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Ross Valley Charter students, staff, and families gather to socialize and make crafts.

Fall Harvest Gathering at Peri Park Celebrates Community

October 22, 2017

Students, staff, and families gathered in Peri Park for Ross Valley Charter’s Fall Harvest Gathering last Sunday. The Fall Harvest Gathering is a chance for our community to meet outside of school when we have time to socialize and share our time with each other. The RVC community gathered to make fall mobiles with leaves,…

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A photo of White Hill Campus, where Ross Valley Charter was located from 2017-2019

RVC Press Release – Requesting Facilities for the 2018-19 School Year

October 3, 2017

Ross Valley Charter School (RVC) announces that it will be submitting a request under Proposition 39 for allocation of school facilities from Ross Valley School District for the 2018-19 school year. RVC remains open and amenable to discussing other options with the District, including negotiating a lease for space at the largely vacant Red Hill…

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RVC Students greet the yellow school bus in Downtown Fairfax

Morning Bus Service will Continue

September 28, 2017

The morning bus service from San Anselmo to the White Hill Campus will continue throughout the year. The yellow school bus service operated on a trial basis through September to evaluate whether there would be enough riders to justify year-round service. For Ross Valley Charter parents, it’s very convenient to bring kids to the bus…

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Good Earth Natural Foods Logo featuring Zea sun with the earth in the center

RVC and Good Earth Partner to Provide School Lunches

July 25, 2017

We are thrilled to announce that Good Earth Natural Foods will provide Ross Valley Charter’s school lunches! Like Ross Valley Charter, Good Earth understands the importance of providing our students with the very best. Their mission highlights all the reasons we wanted to partner with them: “to continue to make a significant contribution in creating…

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Image of Matej Seda

Violin Teacher Matej Seda joins the Ross Valley Charter Team

July 22, 2017

At RVC, 4th and 5th graders will have the option to choose between Chorus and Violin as elective music enrichment. Ross Valley Charter is thrilled to welcome teacher Matej Seda to the RVC team as violin instructor. A violinist and musician, Matej has taught violin for over 14 years in California and in Europe, both…

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Amanda Hahn

RVC Welcomes New Music Teacher, Amanda Hahn

July 6, 2017

Amanda Hahn brings 19 years of teaching experience as a music and movement specialist gained at a variety of schools throughout the Bay Area to her role at RVC. Prior to her most recent position at San Francisco Chinese American International School, she taught at Montessori de Terra Linda and Washington Elementary in the Contra…

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Mark Phillips on the Charter Debate

June 11, 2017

by Mark Phillips, reposted from the Marin IJ’s Marin Voice section (www.marinij.com). Marin Voice: Marin’s Charter School Conflict Continues   I’d stop writing about charter schools if the pitchfork battles between proponents and opponents would stop, or become more civil. But the myths continue and emotionality continues to trump reason. I will briefly address the…

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Ross Valley Charter Enrollment and Overall Status Report

May 21, 2017

Fairfax, CA, May19, 2017 – Today Ross Valley Charter (RVC) is releasing its first 2017-18 student registration report. For the past 6 weeks, RVC has been registering students with its new SchoolMint cloud based registration system and is nearly complete with the first phase of its ongoing enrollment process. Currently, 133 students have registered with…

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