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At RVC, students are given the tools to follow their natural curiosity and explore their interests. RVC’s approach fosters both independence and collaboration, nurtures social and emotional development while encouraging academic achievement.

Ross Valley Charter Students write poetry while sitting on the floor of the de Young Museum

Field Trip to the de Young Inspires Reflection

March 1, 2018

Ross Valley Charter 4th and 5th graders visited San Francisco’s de Young Museum to write poetry inspired by art in the “Revelations: Art from the African American South” exhibit. The paintings, sculptures, drawings, and quilts created by 22 acclaimed African American artists led students to think deeply about the black experience in America. Below are two poems…

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An image or Ross Valley Charter School at White Hill in Fairfax, California

RVC Asks District to Negotiate Facilities

February 19, 2018
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Valentine’s Day Brings the Love at RVC

February 14, 2018

Ross Valley Charter students love Valentine’s Day. Each class had their own special way of celebrating. For our TK/K/1 students, Valentine’s Day is an occasion for cultivating the love of learning. The class developed their problem-solving, collaboration and cooperation skills by working together to create a heart shape with their bodies. It was amazing to…

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Comedian Stands up with Ross Valley Charter

RVC Variety Show Brings Down the House

February 7, 2018

Students and families witnessed many acts of bravery at our first-ever Variety Show. Fifteen student-generated acts by TK-5th graders featured 1st-grade ballerinas dancing to Faust (choreography by our own Mrs. Duchene), stand-up comedians, solo pianists, violinists, a ukulele rock band, performance artists, harmony singers, and dancers. Ross Valley Charter kids brought the house down! The…

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Ross Valley Charter students celebrate diversity by each class wearing a different color of the rainbow. Image shows classes in a row to make the rainbow

Students Celebrate the Rainbow

January 25, 2018

Ross Valley Charter students shine in all the colors of the rainbow. For this School Spirit Day, each class was assigned a color, and when everyone was brought together, they made a rainbow to celebrate the diversity of our student body. RVC’s Student Leadership Team was elected from candidates in the 4/5 classes. The members of…

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Parent Education Night with Taylor Ross

January 14, 2018

The Developing Brain: Modeling and Fostering Emotional Intelligence and Resilience. RVC is preparing for our second Parent Education Night with Taylor Ross, coming up on January 18 from 6:30-8:30 pm. The 2-hour talk will offer a helpful understanding of: What happens to the developing brain under stress Supporting our children in the presence of overwhelming…

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At Ross Valley Charter, each role is performed by more than one child, as a "greek chorus." This allows every kid to have the part they want, and have the courage to perform with their friends.

Holiday Performances Bring Winter Cheer

December 17, 2017

The Dramatic Arts are an important part of the curriculum for all grades at Ross Valley Charter. During our winter productions of “Scrooge” and “The Nutcracker,” TK/K/1 students had a blast while supporting their growth as collaborators, leaders, readers, artists, presenters, problem-solvers, and communicators. For plays in the TK/K/1 classrooms, each role is performed by multiple…

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Third-graders play the bells

Winter Music Sharing

December 15, 2017

Before our break, RVC had a music sharing assembly to share some music from music classes and enjoy a little sing-along. We gathered in the gym after lunch in a big circle, and heard a little bit from everyone. In the planning stages, Chris had asked Mr. Matej (the 4th-5th violin class teacher) and me…

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Ross Valley Charter Students become museum docents in the Regional Tribes classroom project

Tribal Regions Museum Debuts in the 4/5 Classrooms

December 15, 2017

  RVC’s 4th and 5th graders have been spending time over the past couple of weeks creating exhibits for their Tribal Regions museum, which debuted this week.  Exhibits showcase various aspects of life in regional tribes across the United States. Students from the younger grades toured the museum to learn about the differences in Native American culture depending…

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RVC 4th and 5th Graders Experience the Age of Sail

December 10, 2017

Every 4th and 5th Ross Valley Charter grader had the opportunity to take part in the Age of Sail overnight immersion experience. This wonderful program builds confidence, responsibility, and teamwork skills. The excursion’s published goals align so well with what RVC students experience every week at this school — “a safe environment where the students…

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